Bitscasher .com smart scam 

A smart scam is being conducted by the fraudulent Bitcoin network Using fake celebrity endorsements, the unregulated international website makes extravagant returns and false promises of free Bitcoin. In actuality, victims’ money is taken; there is no free cryptocurrency or quick money. Due to the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, a lot of people are visiting investing portals like Bitscasher to search for chances to engage in online trading. In light of numerous similar offerings available today it is crucial for investors to undertake meticulous research before making any judgments about investment on these websites.

Scam Overview

Recently, a cryptocurrency scam firm has come under fire for advertising extravagant returns on cryptocurrency investments and celebrity-endorsed Bitcoin giveaways on social media. Through special promotional offers, users of this unregulated offshore network are allegedly able to receive free Bitcoin valued at hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The website credits well-known businessmen like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mr. Beast, and Warren Buffett for their fake giveaways. 

To promote these fictitious celebrity collaborations and cryptocurrency prizes, Bitscasher manages multi-channel campaigns using email spam and social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others. Con artists fabricate deepfake movies and manipulated screenshots to represent company executives supporting the business or buying Bitscasher items. Every article has a special referral code that viewers may use to sign up for the website and claim their complimentary cryptocurrency allocation.  

Bitscasher Review

Referral Program

Members are encouraged to invite new members via their special referral link as part of an amazing referral program. By disseminating these links on various social media platforms and online discussion boards, individuals can significantly increase the size of their audience and, as a result, make a sizable amount of passive money. Furthermore, the platform’s overall profitability and user experience are greatly improved by this cooperative approach. 

Bitscasher has no verified affiliation

It is not associated with anything and hasn’t been confirmed to be associated with any featured celebs. There is no valid registration or contact information provided by the company itself. The giveaways that were advertised don’t exist. Victims’ deposits become missing, leaving them unable to withdraw any money.

False identity

Bitscasher appears to be an active cryptocurrency scammer based on some warning signs. These consist of high-pressure sales techniques, fictitious celebrity endorsements, paid actor testimonials, unknown proprietors, and false guaranteed return guarantees. The website is quite similar to other fake cryptocurrency sites that are part of a larger criminal network that seeks to take money all across the world.

The unpleasant reality awaits those who fall susceptible to deceptive claims of free Bitcoin and instant fortune. It is doubtful that any funds received from Bitscasher or supplied personal information would be retrieved. The operators employ Attractive advertising and psychological manipulation techniques to take advantage of naive customers who are eager to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Shows several warning signs of fraud, such as:

  • No owners, addresses, or company information was given.
  • AI-generated and deep fake celebrity endorsements
  • deposit money before releasing the promised amount
  • After money is received, accounts are blocked. Foreign hosting and anonymous domain registration 

Download Bitscasher App 

Download Bitscasher App 

As of now, it doesn’t have an application to use its service. However, customers are still able to access their website and complete transactions without restriction from any location.

It is extremely convenient to use while on a journey because it is designed to function effectively on mobile devices. Easy navigation and transaction execution are guaranteed by its user-friendly and intuitive design.

This is a summary of how the cryptocurrency scam fools and steals victims: 

Social Media  Advertising

To lend credibility, these posts feature deep fake footage that closely mimics the real individuals. Other fakes include doctored screenshots of famous entrepreneurs on its website or holding branded merchandise.

On Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms, the promotions begin. Con artists produce brief videos and pictures that purport to be celebrity endorsements. The celebs are seen promoting their new cryptocurrency project, Bitscasher, in the faked content.

These posts use deep fake footage that closely resembles real people to provide believability. Additional fakes include edited screenshots of well-known businesspeople carrying branded items or appearing on the Bitscasher website.

Website Users

A special referral code can be found on Facebook, TikTok, and other social media posts. To register and get their free cryptocurrency, viewers must enter this code on the website.

By claiming that the incentives are restricted or about to expire, scammers attempt to get people to visit the website quickly. The offenders just use the referral codes to follow their victims and keep tabs on their whereabouts.

When consumers visit a website, they are greeted with an elegant-looking, but ultimately fraudulent, cryptocurrency platform. Stock photos, fictitious celebrity quotations, and paid actor testimonials give the website a polished appearance.

It doesn’t offer any confirmed information about the owners, address, or company. Additionally, there are no true legal registrations or protections under the terms of service or privacy policy. 

Signup Procedure and Balance Verification

Bitscasher Signup Procedure
Bitscasher Signup Procedure

Users must enter personal information, such as their name, email address, and phone number, to continue. Usually, victims cooperate because they mistakenly think that to get their promised Bitcoin winnings, they must have an account.

The website asks customers to input their special promo code after registration. The dashboard displays an account balance of between 0.2 and 0.4 BTC deposited after submission.

There has been no real money transacted, thus this balance is entirely fictitious. However, victims think that the phony celebrity campaigns are the source of their free Bitcoin.

The website doesn’t ever give out cryptocurrencies; instead, it tracks users’ activity, contacts, and email addresses. Victims are drawn further into the deception by the false balance. 

Requirements for Deposits and Withdrawals

Despite displaying a sizable cryptocurrency balance, it does not let customers take money out of the system directly. Rather, a pop-up notice informs victims that they need to finish one last step to access their money.

The website specifically states that before withdrawals are permitted, all users must fund their accounts with a minimum of $200 to $500. This stage purports to validate identification and initiate payouts.

Customer service coerces users into cooperating if they object or voice concerns. They make up rules and threaten to fine you if you forget to make the deposit. 

Continued Crypto Exploitation

It prevents any victim withdrawal efforts following the initial deposit, frequently alleging unsuccessful ID verification. Customer support representatives develop new issues that need additional cash to address when consumers contact them, escalating demands.

They might say, for instance, that payments are being blocked by network fees, taxes need to be paid, or the account has to have its verification status upgraded. Scammers will claim that before money is released, each problem must be resolved with a certain quantity of Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

Account Cancellation and Disappearing

Eventually stops customers from accessing the website and terminates their accounts after demanding thousands of contributions. Representatives from customer service disappear and stop answering messages.

Scammers go on to other victims, leaving those who have previously been taken advantage of with no way to get their money or data back. Victims have nowhere to turn to for justice because Bitscasher has no legitimate business or registry information.

Is it Genuine Or A Scam?

Because of a fraudulent scheme, using the platform is severely discouraged. You accept all risks while using this platform to make any investments.

Even though this website’s authenticity is unclear, you should always proceed with caution when making investments on any platform, particularly in the turbulent and unpredictable cryptocurrency industry.


In short, it is a current crypto scam business that consumers should avoid totally. Individuals who have utilized the platform or have already been victims must take immediate action to report the activity and alert others about this fraudulent scheme.

Anyone using the internet has to read online scam reviews to be informed and cautious. By alerting authorities to fraud, you can hold scammers responsible and stop other people from falling for the same tricks. To create a more dependable and trustworthy online environment, do your homework before using any new platform or service. 


Is Bitscasher a genuine website or a fraudulent scheme?

It is a fraudulent website that makes false representations of outstanding investment returns and free cryptocurrency giveaways. It claims that Bill gates, Jeff Bezos, and other celebrities supported its fictitious offers. However, it generates endorsements with deepfakes and taken content. It is not backed by an authorized organization, and there is no way to take money out. Every piece of evidence points to it being an illegal scam business. 

How does the Bitscasher cryptocurrency fraud work?

Through social media advertisements of fake famous individuals and free Bitcoin offers, the fraud ensnares victims. To register on the website and claim purported cryptocurrency gifts, users are provided codes. Victims who have deposited money and given personal information are unable to access or withdraw from their accounts. Before going away, it prohibits withdrawals and demands an unlimited supply of new payments. 

Is it true that it offers free Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency?

No, it does not offer free cryptocurrencies or allow users to earn any. Free Bitcoin and gifts are not being offered; the misleading screenshots and videos are modified. You cannot withdraw any money. All money deposited into Bitscasher is pilfered.

Are other celebs or Elon Musk endorsing?

No, it hasn’t been confirmed to be associated with any prominent figure or celebrity. AI deepfakes and altered material are used to manufacture all of the endorsements that are promoted. There is no connection between this fraudulent website and Elon Musk or other businessmen. 

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